Celebrate Your Birthday With Fireworks Dance Center!

When you book your child’s birthday party at Fireworks Dance Center, you will make memories that last a life time! You and your guests have all the fun, and we will do all the work!

Each party has a customized-design that you pick, including the theme, colors, and fun!

Parties can be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Be sure to book your party at least 4 weeks in advance. Parents and birthday child should arrive no later than 15 minutes early to greet their guests. Please make sure that your guests arrive and are picked up on time. Please remind them that it is a dance party, and to come dressed and ready to dance.

Parties are appropriate for children ages 4-14. We welcome children with special needs!

Birthday parties are reasonably priced, and the birthday child is always FREE!

* $175 for 10 children

* $18 for each additional child

* $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking

Booking your party with Fireworks Dance Center includes:

* A private party room

* An energetic dance routine

* A dedicated party host

* Party activities and games

* A Fireworks Dance t-shirt for the birthday child

* Photos of the birthday child and guests

* DVD of special birthday dance performance

* Balloon for birthday child

* Pizza (gluten free options available)

* Water or juice boxes

* Decorations

* Party Supplies

* Clean up crew

Additional add-ons available:

* Goody bags

* Birthday cake or cake pops

* Chips

* Soft pretzels

* Ice cream cups

* Chicken nuggets

* Hamburgers/hotdogs

* Soda

* Balloons for each guest